Santa Clarita Roving Elks Kamper Klub

The Santa Clarita Roving Elks Kamper Klub is a group of fun loving Elks that love to camp. We plan once a month outings January thru October and occasionally one in November.

This year we have gone camping at: The Lancaster Elks Lodge, Orange Grove RV Park in Bakersfield, Piru Oil Refinery Club House,  Ridgecrest Elks Lodge, Santa Maria Elks Rodeo to name a few.

Our Klub meetings are usually held on the first Sunday of each month, however a few are held on the second Sunday of the month due to holidays or outings. Meetings start at 12 noon in the lounge.  You are welcome to join us at one of our meetings as a guest.  

 Members volunteer to be Wagon Master for our outings and will suggest the location and handle the reservations. We usually have Co-Wagon Masters that will help with the planning and organizing activities and meal planning. 

What do you need to do to become a Kamper Klub member?

          Membership is limited to Elks in good standing and their significant other and widows or widowers of the same.

To maintain your good membership with the Kamper Klub the following will be required.

             (a) Maintain your good standing status in the Elks.

             (b) Members must have access to camping equipment (i.e. tent, van, shell camper, truck camper, tent trailer, trailer, motor home, etc.).FYI Most outing locations do not allow tent camping.  

             Those applying without equipment will be declined membership.

             (c) You must attend a meeting to join the Kamper Klub.

All members should be encouraged to attend a minimum to two (2) camp outs per year.

Attend two (2) meetings per year.

Assist with kitchen cooking team once (1) a year.

Be a Wagon Master a minimum of once every two (2) years.

2024 Meeting Calendar


Held on Sunday’s at 12:00 @ Elks Lodge 2379


January              January 7, 2024

February            February 4, 2024

March                 March 3, 2024

April                   April 7, 2024

May                    May 5, 2024

June                    June 9, 2024

Meeting moved to 6/9, due to Santa Maria Elks Rodeo 5/30 – 6/2

July                    July 14, 2024

Meeting moved to 7/14, due to 4th of July holiday weekend

August                    August 8, 2024

September                   September 9, 2024

Meeting moved to 9/8, due to Labor Day holiday weekend

October                 October 6, 2024

November                October 27, 2024

Meeting moved to 10/27, due to Mid Term Convention & Veterans Holiday weekend

December              NO MEETING

Elks Christmas Party Hosted by Kamper Klub