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PER NIGHT we Celebrated the Life of

Harry Pennington PER

and Lodge Santa Clause

February 2, 2024 – PER NIGHT

IN ATTENDANCE: Exalted Ruler – Skip Henke, Past Association President, District Leader – Exalted Ruler 1998-1999, Esteemed Leading Knight – Roger Lowe, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 2018-2019, Esteemed Loyal Knight – Mike Fisher, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 2022-2023, Esteemed Lecturing Knight – Steve Graham, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 2021-2022, Lodge Secretary – Jay Larkins, Past Association President, Past District Deputy – Exalted Ruler 1996-1998, Lodge Treasurer – Tina Jackson, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 2016-2017, Lodge Esquire – John Rivetti, Past Association Vice President, District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler Designate – Exalted Ruler 2015-2016, Lodge Chaplain – Maurice Hamilton, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 2017-2018, Lodge inner Guard – Larry Lousberg, Past District Deputy – Exalted Ruler 2000-2001, Lodge Tiler – Kelvin Swanson, Past District Deputy, Exalted Ruler 2001-2002, Lodge Trustees – Ted Olsen, Past Exalted Ruler, CHEA Magazine Editor- Exalted Ruler 2014-2015, Tom Schmidt, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 2011-2012, Ken Song, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 2004-2005, Frank Webster, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 2003-2004, Jim Johnson, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 2006-2007, Lodge Organist – Julie Whitman, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 2012-2013

UNABLE TO ATTEND: Ray Broussard,  Past District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler, Lodge Secretary – Exalted Ruler 2000-2001, Rick Veiga, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 2020-2021, Richard Casaubon, Past Exalted Ruler -Exalted Ruler 2013-2014, Cheryl Laymon, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 2010-2011, Gail Dewhurst, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 2007-2008, David Arnette, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 2002-2003, Sandy Douglas, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 1993-1994, Paul Tyree, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 1990-1991, Gary Keener, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 2019-2020, Don Dewhurst, Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 2005-2006, George Aquilar, Sr. – Past Exalted Ruler – Exalted Ruler 1990-1991 & 1992-1993, Billie Jo Olson, Past Association Vice President – Exalted Ruler, Jeffrey Brown, Past Association Vice President – Exalted Ruler 1997-1998

January Fundraiser

February, 11, 2024 – Elks have fun at a Fundraiser. Seems there was also a very good football game going on that day!

The Santa Clarita

Purple Pig Fundraiser

“Don’t go Bacon my heart!🎵”
Elton John? Nope just a happy Purple Pig kinda guy!💜
Is Elton John in disguise?
Purple Pig ready to RACE
Purple Pig ready to RACE, let the dice fly
The Race is ON
See the dice fly
#6 Pulling ahead
See the dice flying more
Who is gRollingoing to be advancing?
Marshall Piggy Smalls in the house and on the lookout for a “ham-bush”🤣
Dice fly and fly
WE Have a Winner
More ways to be a winner thanks to PER Ted Olsen and Billie Olson.
Placing fundraising bet
Race Committee
For the Winners
“Please Wayne! I want to say something! Can I please have the mic? You’re always ‘hogging’ the mic!”
“The Purple Pig King (aka ER Glenn Daniel) looks on as he ponders and realizes, “Who am I about to leave in charge for next year??”
Can you hear me now?
Hamming it UP

January 27, 2024 The Santa Clarita Purple Pig Fundraiser was a great success. The Emcee Wayne Edwards was in high form and kept he “Racing for Children with Disabilities” fundraiser moving forward. Everyone was having a great time and the Dice were rolling, rolling, rolling, keep those Purple Pigs moving Raw h

Totally Awesome 80’s

New Year Eve

Casino Night

December 31, 2023: What a party! Food, dancing, fundraising gaming, beverages, all the ingredients for a fun time. With a little added atmosphere provided by the fireplace. The TVs were all on keeping track of New Year’s celebrations around the country.

DJ Greg did an outstanding job keeping the evening alive with his music and commentary as the night progressed. Great job from the kitchen crew making sure the buffet table was full throughout the evening. And as always, the bar staff was phenomenal serving up the best drinks.

The lodge Trustees wish to thank the lodge organizations and all the individual members for their prize donations. They were all amazing. 

Your lodge Trustees thank everyone who attended as well as everyone who helped in any way, to make the party a success. 

Looking forward to next year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024 from your lodge 2379 Trustees!

Upcoming Events

The Santa Clarita Elks Lodge is a non-profit private club. All events listed in our Upcoming Events are for Members and their Guests. If you wish to visit the lodge and find out more about who we are and do for the Community and our Charities, please contact our office at this link.

Check email for current month
Check email for current month

Mission complete for annual Angel Tree Project

Supervisor PDDGER Swanson seating on delivery
Wayne discussing Elks Care and Elks Share
Office full of gifts for entire families adopted by Elks Lodge 2379
Crew #2 part way unloaded
Left to Right – PAP Jay Larkins, Emblem 459 President, Emblem Past State President Simone Swanson, PER Steve Graham, Esteemed Leading Knight Wayne Edwards, Past First Lady Nanci Webster, Chairwoman Stacy McKenna, Future First Lady Linda Edwards, PDDGER Kelvin Swanson

December 11, 2023: Santa Clarita Elk #2379 as the completion of our Angel Tree Project that has benefited for 30+ years families from the Canyon Country and Palmdale offices of the Child and Family Center. This annual event delivers gifts for 30 families to both offices of the Child and Family Center.  The lodge adopted and raised money for 30 families, close to 150 children and adults will have a blessed celebration thanks to Elks # 2379 and Emblem Club #459 !

Santa and Mrs. Clause

Visit Santa Clarita

Elks Lodge 2379

Gifts for all ages donated by Elks Lodge 2379
Santa & Mrs Clause @ Elks Lodge 2379
30 kids and their families kicking off the holidays at Elks Lodge 2379
Little kids
With mom taking the photos
Smiles and gifts
Santa keeping an eye on the Big Kids too
Exalted Ruler, First Lady and Granddaughter
Past Association President Jay Larkins asking for a Great 2024 for the Santa Clarita Elks Lodge
Santa’s Helpers
Is that CHEA Magazine Editor Ted Olsen IN THE PHOTO?

December 10, 2023: Santa Clause (PER Harry Pennington) Mrs. Clause (Simone Swanson) visited the Santa Clarita Elks Lodge 2379 after Sunday Breakfast. Santa’s Helpers have everything ready for Santa and Mrs. Clause to greet and present toys and gifts provided by the Lodge. Some thirty children and their parents and grandparents enjoyed time visiting with the Clause’s.

Left Right Center a Hit as Santa Clarita Elks 2379 Fundraiser Hosted by Elks 2379 Elks Riders

December 9, 2023: The Santa Clarita Elks 2379 Fundraiser Hosted by the Elks Riders 2379 put on their premier Left-Right-Center event on Dec 9, 2023. It was a huge success.  The game was simple, engaging and fun. The playoff round was very exciting.

The food was wow!  Build your own taco salad bowls with delicious meats and garnishes. Also the tortilla soup was so good and baskets of chips with various toppings to layer on top. Silent auction baskets, plus a night a Magic Castle, plus raffle baskets, plus prizes.  Friendships were made and/or reconnected.

This evening was a definite do-again next year!  Great job Elks Riders!

SCV Young Marines Awards

Exalter Ruler Glenn Daniel with SCV Young Marines
ER Glenn Daniel, Young Marine Gunnery Sergeant Anthony T. Eslao, Co-Chairs Veterans Committee PERL Jeanette Fisher, Dale Turner

December 9, 2023: Santa Clarita Elks Exalter Ruler Glenn Daniel, Co-Chairs Veterans Committee PERL Jeanette Fisher, Dale Turner attended the SCV Young Marines Awards Dinner

The award today was presented to Santa Clarita Young Marine,  Gunnery Sergeant Anthony T. Eslao.

The award is called the “Sergeant Charles F. Meter Award”.  Named after our 20th President who served in 2013. He was the first President to die in office after serving 11 months and three days.  He expanded our support to the SCV Young Marines providing  funds to families who could not afford the $500 to get their son or daughter into the program. 

The Award not only recognizes the Young Marine who has distinguished themselve but also honors the memory of Charlie Meter.

Thanks again for all your support and helping us to show a strong working relationship between the Santa Claita Elks 2379 and the Los Angeles County Chapter,  Association of Marines and Fleet Marine Force  Corpsman.

Dale Turner

Santa Clarita Elks 2379 Veterans Center Donation

November 15, 2023: Santa Clarita Elks # 2379 Veterans Committee delivered sweatshirt, sweatpants, $1000 in $25 gift cards, paperbacks book, and more were delivered to the VA Sepulveda care facility. The donations were headed up by Jeannette our Veterans Committee Chair. Also present were PER Julie Whitman, PERL Nancy Webster, and PER Mike Fisher.

Santa Clarita Elks Crab Fest 2023

How it begins, Three kettles going
ER Glenn Daniel and First Lady Laura Daniel
Chaplain Danise Davis with her next bite.
Jim Lentini and Emblem President Simone Swanson
PER Ken Song & First Lady Mary enjoying
Bruce and Chris Amer showing how it is done
Have some more Crab
Veterans from all branches enjoying on Veteran’s Day

November 11, 2023: On Veteran’s Day 2023 the Santa Clarita Elks 2379 hosted a Fundraising Crab Fest. There were 190 people in attendance for this favorite event. We enjoyed the company of those in attendance and everyone had “All the Crab They Could Eat”.

2023 Hoop Shoot


November 11, 2023: Great morning on November 11 at Canyon Country Community Center for this year’s Hoop Shoot. Jamie McKenna and over 20 volunteers made for another successful event. The best shooter made 22 out of 25 free-throws!

Last Round of 2023 for One Under Golf Club a Success

On October 26th, 2023 Twenty Eight golfers participated in the last scheduled Golf Outing at Knollwood Country Club in Granada Hills. This was the largest golf outing to date for the club lead by Leading Knight Wayne Edwards. Most where able to stay and enjoy the company of fellow Elks with common interests. In calendar year 2023 the One Under Golf Club (Defined as One Under a Tree, One Under Water, etc.) has contributed $548 towards the CHEMPI (California/Hawaii Elks Major Project, Inc. AKA Purple Pig) project to provide help for children with disabilities. Find out more about the Purple Pig by visiting the link in this article.

Veterans Luncheon

The Veterans
The Ceremony
The Delicious Food
Our Veterans Committee Leadership

On Saturday 7 October , 2023 the Lodge Veterans Committee hosted a Veterans Luncheon to benefit all attending Veterans’. The event was catered by Committee Chairperson Jeannette Fishers daughter Victoria. The ceremonies during the event included the Pledge of Allegiance, Prayer, and trumpet music presented by Committee Co-Chairman Dale Turner. USMC MSgt, retired Philip Olivero presented a heartfelt speech to all in attendance about what our Military’s role in the history of our nation, and how Veterans are apart of that, including the challenges we face while in service and after our active service ends. The role we have played and continue to play to the nation and future. We were disappointed that our special guest, those living in Veteran Housing, and in the care of Sepulveda VA could not attend in the number expected due to transportation issues. Please visit the Veterans Committee Page for meeting times and dates, and special events. Currently we have a link to 2024 Pin-Up for Vets Calendars featuring our Inner Guard Ilia Piedra.

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